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June 2024 All-Star: Chase Evans

Chase Evans grew up with a passion for duck hunting. He distinctly remembers when he killed his first duck around age nine. However, it wasn’t until he was in college that he was able to start hunting with retrieving dogs, when he and his mom got a Boykin Spaniel named Fillie. Filly opened the door for Chase to start obedience training for hunting dogs. It wasn’t until he got his second Boykin, Nellie, that he entered a hunt test on a whim over seven years ago and fell in love with it.


He went hard to work getting his kennel and training business going, feeding all manner of different dog foods. One day, he came across other hunters on Facebook talking about how they loved Joy Dog Food. One of the trainers he employs also spoke highly of Joy, so Chase decided to give it a try when he came across it at his local farm store

“It’s been amazing to see how my dogs have done on Joy,” Chase says. Garner Creek has been fully on Joy since the fall of 2023, with their retrieving dogs eating our Super Meal 30/20. “One of the Judges said my dogs look like a crew of bodybuilders,” he remarked. Chase also had a personal scare when his black Lab Lex got a tapeworm and lost weight drastically; getting down to only sixty-three pounds. Lex received a round of antibiotics and our Super Meal, and was able to get back up to a healthy weight.

While being relatively new to the field trial scene, Chase has been able to pull off some impressive wins recently. In a qualifying Field Trial this May, Chase and his assistant trainer were able to win 3rd, 4th, and Reserve Jam, with his dog Yogi taking 3rd. Chase credits this to the hard work, passion, and dedication that he has for working dogs and the training process.

If you are interested in seeing if Garner Creek Kennels has open training spots, or if you want to check out more of Chase and his kennels accomplishments, check them out on Facebook or give them a call at 501-425-9556.




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