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July 2024 All-Star: Jordan Camp

Jordan Camp is a multifaceted individual with a passion for retrievers. As a trainer, competitor, and owner of multiple businesses, Jordan has dedicated his life to working with dogs, particularly retrievers. From the age of thirteen, Jordan has been training and hunting with dogs, transforming his passion into a successful business venture. Today, he competes professionally, showcasing his expertise and dedication to the sport.


Jordan's journey began as a duck hunter with his first retrieving dog at thirteen. Self-taught through online instructional videos, he honed his skills and developed a deep connection with his dogs. After his first dog's passing, Jordan took a break from the sport until he encountered Prairie State Labs, which provided him with his next dog, Rocky. Seeking advanced training, he enlisted the help of renowned trainer Kirby Stevens.

Jordan and Kirby quickly became friends, and Jordan's natural talent for training dogs became evident. He started offering his training services to others, eventually leading to boarding clients' dogs when they were out of town. Recognizing the potential, Jordan and his wife Kim purchased and renovated an old kennel in 2019, launching Camp Canine Boarding & Daycare. “I wouldn’t be able to run tests on the weekend without our wonderful staff and kennel manager Keely,” Jordan remarks.

Influenced by trainers Kirby Stevens and Clay Owens, Jordan switched to Joy Dog Food after becoming dissatisfied with his previous dog food choice. The results were impressive, prompting Jordan to become a Joy dealer at Camp Canine. “Our customers say their dogs’ weight and stools are great after switching to Joy, and the variety of products is a great bonus,” Jordan shares. He particularly recommends Joy’s Super Meal 30/20 during hunt test season.

Their dedication to training and his commitment to excellence have earned him numerous accolades in the testing world. He currently boasts five dogs with HRCH titles and six with HR titles. Remarkably, his three-legged dog, Skye, has also achieved an HRCH title and has competed in the Grand.

Jordan Camp's journey from a young duck hunter to a renowned trainer, competitor, and business owner is a testament to his passion and hard work. His story inspires many in the retriever training community, and his businesses, including Camp Canine Boarding & Daycare, continue to thrive under his leadership. Whether training dogs, competing, or running his businesses, Jordan's dedication and love for retrievers shine through in every endeavor.

Their team have plenty of accomplishments in the testing world. Currently, he has five dogs with HRCH titles and six with HR titles. He also has a three-legged dog named Skye who has her HRCH and has run the Grand.

So if you are looking for boarding or training facilities, or a Joy Dog Food dealer, near Utica, KY, check out Camp Canine Boarding & Daycare or give them a call at 270-228-4920.




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