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February 2024 All-Star: Faithful Point Kennels

Faithful Point Kennels is a family owned and operated kennel in the Boone, IA. Maggie, her husband Dave, and her son Nick and his wife Hanna all work together to train and breed cutting-edge German Shorthair Pointers. Their number one priority is to better the breed and train exceptional hunting dogs that are also good family companions in the home. They strive to create memorable relationships with all their clients and customers, accepting them into their family.

Nick’s love for dogs started at a very young age as he grew up with dogs. His passion for bird hunting began with his late step-father Jim. They would go bird hunting with English Pointers until Nick bought his first German Shorthair, Auggie. This dog was the dog that sparked the inspiration for not only Faithful Point Kennels, but their training progam, Auggie’s Golden Point. 


After Nick got Auggie, Maggie and Dave decided they too wanted a GSP. Once Nick got Auggie trained in the field, he started attending field trials and hunt tests. Auggie was great and won first place in nearly every event he competed in as well as being on track to be the NBHA (NATIONAL BIRD HUNTERS ASSOCIATION) dog of the year. Auggie truly set the standard for how a dog should be trained for the field and in the house. Unfortunately, Auggie passed away at an early age due to a foreign body, a sudden and tragic death that devastated the entire family. At the time of Auggie’s passing he was ranked #1 along with Nick being ranked #1 handler by the NBHA, it was a journey that was cut way too short by an undiagnosed foreign body.  FPK, tries to educate all their clients of the importance of knowing the signs of a foreign body!  Although distraught by Auggies death, Nick and Dave’s  passion for working with dogs didn’t end when Auggie passed. Instead, it inspired them to continue working with this breed and training dogs for others to get the same great results they had with Auggie; this was the beginning of the training program, Auggie’s Golden Point. When Dave retired in 2023 the joy of training doubled when FINALLY they were able to train side by side and weren’t always “chasing daylight” to get sessions done before night fall. Dave would say that training and learning along side Nick is the best part of it all.  “Having something you love and enjoy is special but having something like that and you do it with your family takes it to a whole another level” Dave tells people all the time. 


Nick and Dave  train their own dogs to compete in AKC hunt tests as well as train client dogs along side their own.  Their training program is unique as they not only train the dogs to be great in the field, but in the house as well with hands-on house training and obedience training. “Our dogs are family members, just like many others. We bring those client dogs inside and we work with them to have superior house manners” Nick said during his interview. No dog is too far gone for Auggie’s Golden Point; Nick’s biggest and most proud accomplishment was training a gun-shy dog to hunt in the field, as well as obedience training in the house. He and his step-father, Dave focus on each dog’s needs and weaknesses, only training a few at a time. This allows them to generate exceptional results, as well as long-lasting relationships with their clients. 


The other side of Faithful Point Kennel’s services is Maggie’s breeding program. Without Hanna along side her this part of the kennel wouldn’t be where it’s at today!  Just like Nick, Maggie prioritizes the individual needs of each dog, providing them a safe shelter, they refer to as the puppy nursery,  to have their puppies in and round the clock care. Maggie stays with the mother during birth and even sleeps in the puppy nursery for that first week afterwards to ensure the health of momma and her puppies.


Hanna has taken over all of FPK marketing and social media aspects, which is probably evident to the people that know Maggie’s skill set when it comes to technology. This is a huge job and so important since FPK is small, having only two litters a year.  Her attention to detail and her constant picture taking gets our hard work in front of a lot of people every day!  Put that on top of whelping puppies with Maggie AND raising the next generation of dog trainers, their daughters Blakely and Stevie, her position in this family owned business is priceless.


When people reach out to purchase a puppy from Faithful Point Kennels, not only are they approved by the family based on the quality of care they can provide for the pups, but also all clients are brought in during take home day and given samples of puppy food, merchandise, accessories, and resources to continue training and providing the upmost care for their new puppy. Faithful Point Kennels goes above and beyond in training resources, even after the pup goes home with their new families. Once a year, Faithful Point will pick a random puppy from one of their litters and donate the entire purchase price from that puppy to an organization of their choice. They have given back to organizations like NAMI, JDRF, WATTS of Love, and more. “God has blessed us with the skillset to produce prominent pups and improving the breed, the least we can do is give back to those in need” Maggie said when talking about the Mystery Puppy. 


Maggie, Nick and the rest of the family started feeding Joy to all their dogs and client dogs after one of Nick’s friends insisted he try the food. After switching over, they immediately noticed an improvement in not only the dogs’ appearance, resulting in shinier coats and keeping weight on; but also their performance and stool. “We run our dogs every day of the week, and for them to continue to keep weight on and look great speaks volumes about Joy Dog Food. Even our dogs that are picky eaters and have sensitive stomachs love Joy Dog Food! Our puppies come out chunky, and mommas’ milk production has increased after making the switch to Joy. We love this food and will continue to feed and support it.” Nick and Maggie said when asked about Joy Dog Food. 

Faithful Point Kennels is a unique kennel, providing not only exceptional training and puppies, but creating a forever lasting relationship with each customer. If you are interested in a puppy from Faithful Point or are looking for training services, you can contact them here or visit their Facebook page!

Explore the world of Faithful Point Kennels, a distinguished family-owned and operated kennel located in Boone, IA. Meet Maggie, Dave, Nick, and Hanna, a passionate team dedicated to the training and breeding of cutting-edge German Shorthair Pointers. Discover their commitment to bettering the breed and creating exceptional hunting dogs that seamlessly transition into cherished family companions.


Nick's love for dogs began in his childhood, evolving into a passion for bird hunting inspired by his late step-father, Jim. A pivotal moment came with Nick's acquisition of Auggie, the catalyst for Faithful Point Kennels and the renowned training program, Auggie's Golden Point. Despite Auggie's untimely passing, his legacy lives on in the kennel's commitment to continuing the breed improvement and training legacy.


Nick and Dave, now training side by side, have cultivated a unique training program at Auggie's Golden Point. Their approach extends beyond field excellence to include hands-on house training and obedience, ensuring that each dog becomes not only a skilled hunter but also a well-mannered family member. The personalized attention to each dog's needs creates exceptional results and fosters enduring relationships with clients.


Maggie's breeding program, supported by Hanna, is a crucial aspect of Faithful Point Kennels. The individual needs of each dog are prioritized, with a dedicated puppy nursery ensuring a safe and caring environment for the newest additions. Hanna's role in marketing and social media has been pivotal in showcasing the kennel's dedication to quality, despite having only two litters a year.


Faithful Point Kennels goes above and beyond in their client-centric approach. Prospective puppy owners undergo a thorough approval process, and take-home day includes samples of puppy food, merchandise, accessories, and valuable resources for continued care and training. The kennel's commitment to giving back is exemplified by an annual donation of a puppy's entire purchase price to organizations like NAMI, JDRF, WATTS of Love, and more.


Joy Dog Food: A Testament to Quality:

The family's transition to Joy Dog Food has led to noticeable improvements in their dogs' appearance, performance, and overall health. Even picky eaters and dogs with sensitive stomachs thrive on Joy, showcasing its effectiveness in maintaining optimal weight and coat condition. The family's endorsement speaks volumes about the quality of Joy Dog Food.

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