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July All-Star: Jase Michaelis

Jase Michaelis was born into hunting with dogs.  As the Son of Joy’s own Josh Michaelis he has been exposed to hunting dogs of all kinds for the entirety of his short 12 years, but his success in the competition raccoon hunting youth circuit can only be attributed to his hard work and dedication to the sport.  Jase started hunting with his dad, uncle Jeremy, and friend Jed Finley when he was just 3 years old, and he has been a constant in the north Missouri woods ever since.  Jase won his first cast at the age of 7, with his dad’s dog Skippers Con Man, and competed in the PKC Youth World Championship at the age of 8, and has been steadily progressing ever since. 


As the runner up at the Trader Inc Youth Challenge in 2022 with his own dog Hazel, and finishing 3rd in the 2022 PKC Youth Nationals as well as winning his cast at the PKC Youth World Championship with PCH Trader’s Pouring Rain, Jase proved that he is not a one dog man, and can adapt with any dog that is on his leash.  He has continued that success in 2023, Winning the Missouri State Youth Championship with Hazel, and following that up with a Reserve Championship in the Louisiana State Youth Hunt with another of Jed’s dogs, a little female named Brandy. 


Jase has high hopes for his future with goals of getting into the finals of both the 23 PKC Nationals, and the Youth World Hunt, as well as competing with the big boys at PKC Nationals which he is qualified for.  When asking his father about his sons recent success Josh points out how hard both he, and his sister Kreedence work to improve their dogs and their abilities as a handler.  “Jase has spent many a school night chasing hounds, getting better, and putting work in, and always gets up for school, or work in the summer, with no complaints, and not only that, he is ready to do it again the next night, and that is what it takes to succeed in this sport,” Josh says.  

With a host of good dogs to choose from, a solid work ethic, and a respectful attitude towards all of those that help him both in the woods with his dogs, and at the clubhouse, Jase Michaelis has a very bright future. Check out more blogs here

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