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September All-Star: Morgan Gangwer

Morgan Gangwer grew up on a small family farm and raised animals when she was younger for her 4-H & FFA projects. She has always been passionate about animals. However, it wasn’t until she was an adult that she became passionate about German Shorthair Pointers and upland hunting. 


Morgan was first introduced to the sport when her workplace sponsored a local pheasant hunt. She was intrigued by not only the sport itself but the way the handlers and the dogs worked together. 

Morgan increased her skillset in handling and training bird dogs in the fields and how to properly care for a working dog while working for this gentleman. However, she was still yearning for more experience with working dogs. She decided to do her own thing, buy her dogs, and see what the bird-dog world had to offer. (Pleasure hunting, guiding, and competing).


Morgan bought her first GSP down in Alabama and not even a year later,  her second in Oklahoma. She trained them with the help of a few local clubs and the elder man she worked for. Morgan became an occasional guide at a few local hunt clubs. The WR Hunt Club (Vicory, Ohio) and Clays Pheasant Ridge (Fostoria, Ohio).


“Without these two clubs trusting me and giving me the opportunities to guide and run/hunt my dogs, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Morgan said.


Morgan explained how much fulfillment it brings to her being a guide at these clubs, “youth hunts are fun and educational, showing kids what the outdoor world has to offer, especially when younger girls show up to hunt, seeing women there as well lets them know they are not the oddballs out. I also enjoy doing veteran hunts and being able to experience the camaraderie between great men and women who have served our country”.

Once Morgan had felt her dogs were trained and experienced enough to compete in the field, she started taking them to competitions. She competes in United Field Trial Association events and AKC Hunt Test as well; her female has her Junior Hunter title. 


Morgan was feeding another brand of dog food when she first started her journey of working with bird dogs. However, their stools became very runny and they always had food left in their dog bowls, she wasn’t happy with the product whatsoever. Her boyfriend runs coonhounds and competes in local coonhunts, he remembers when his dad and his buddies fed JOY Dog Food back in the day and had also heard of other houndsmen feeding JOY Dog Food to their hounds. They went to their local Joy Dog Food Dealer and picked up a few bags of Joy Dog Food High Energy 24/20.


Within a week they noticed their dogs’ stools go back to normal, they finished every meal, their coats were shinier, and they had more energy than ever before. Another reason Morgan says she and her family support Joy Dog Food is because “Joy supports their customers and showcases customer results, they don’t hold back and use fake advertising. They also give back to their kennels and hunt clubs and that means a lot to us”.


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