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Flint River Mills INC

May Customer of the Month: Flint River Mills, INC. 

Flint River Mills, Inc. or F-R-M Feeds as is known by most, has been manufacturing, marketing, and distributing poultry, livestock, and specialty feeds throughout the southeast since 1927. 

In 1924, Havana Ice Company expanded their operation with a grist mill in order to balance labor in the winter months. The grist mill operation furnished certain by-products that could not be sold for human consumption. In an effort to keep these by-products from accumulating, they were sold as animal feed, and that is where F-R-M's roots began. In 1927, an additional ice plant was opened in Bainbridge, GA and that expanded into opening yet another ice plant and grist mill in Tallahassee, FL. The by-products from these grist mill plants were sold as animal feed out of the ice plant in Bainbridge, GA and in 1948, Flint River Mills moved into dealer operations to expand the business. Over the course of the years, the business model has remained steady, yet adapting to the changes of the world. The objectives of Flint River Mills, Inc. have never changed-to produce useful, needed products of the highest quality at a fair price-even as we approach our 100 year anniversary. 

Whether feeding a small flock of chickens in the backyard, the family pet, or large herd of cattle, F-R- M provides a nutritionally balanced feed for all species. AF-R-M feeds are manufactured at our plant in Bainbridge and distributed fresh daily by our own fleet of trucks to a network of customers over 275 members strong. To learn more about F-R-M, see our website at or call our customer service line at 800-841-8502. 



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