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A Look Back On 2022

In the past year, Joy Dog Food has grown tremendously. Welcoming new team members on board, growing in distribution, starting the Joy All-Star Program, our podcast; the Fueled By Joy Working Dog Podcast, and with the hunting communities by sponsoring events. While still having its trials, 2022 has been a great year.

Throughout the last 12 months, we have welcomed four new members to our team. Two members are salesmen Michael Terry and Steve Green working in the Eastern/Southern region. We have also welcomed Nick Knappenburger to our marketing department. Last but not least, our newest hire Lora Brand started recently and she will be filling our front office position when Donna Bagley retires this upcoming year. Lora will be the new voice you hear when you call the office to place an order or ask about deliveries. Although we will miss Donna and her warm presence in the office, we are excited to welcome Lora on board and wish Donna a happy retirement.

While growing as a team internally, we have also grown externally; welcoming several new distributors on board. We are happy to have these new distributors as they not only help us grow as a company, but they allow us to fuel more dogs with Joy nationwide. Some of the new distributors we have gained are Dillon Seed, Harbor Freight, Jowars, Morral, Reilly’s Hardware, and Smith Farm Supply. These new distributors are now looking for dealers to start stocking Joy Dog Food so if you own a store and would like to sell Joy, please reach out to us so we can connect you with a distributor in your region!

Each month throughout the past year, we have highlighted a man or woman that has a passion for working with dogs, hunting, and of course Joy Dog Food. Each person on this list here has something in common besides their love of Joy Dog Food. It’s their dedication to their sport. Whether they grew up in the sport or picked it up later on in life, they are dedicated, passionate handlers/owners and it shows with their winnings. Here is a list of our 2022 Joy All-Stars: Johnny Altman, Will Messer, Bryan Camper, Rebecca Cassidy, Frank Giddings, Mike Green, Hagan Lee, Scott Engle, Shaun Rydl, Marty Griner, Bob Franey, Tracy Bailey. You can read their full stories here. We look forward to continuing this tradition and if you know a good candidate for a Joy All-Star, send us an email on the Contact Us page!

We have also started our podcast, the Fueled By Joy Working Dog Podcast over the past year. This has been a new journey for our company, however with the guidance of our host, Josh Michaelis; we have had a successful first year and we look forward to growing our podcast, having more people on our show, and possibly adding more segments. Some of our most popular episodes and people we have interviewed over this past year have been the Zach McBee episodes and the Frank Giddings episodes. Do you guys know a houndsman or someone that is looked up to by their community and works with dogs that would be perfect for the Fueled By Joy Working Dog Podcast? Send us an email on the Contact Us page!

Lastly, this past year has been a big year for us as far as event sponsorships have gone. We have sponsored organizations such as ProSport, USDC, Atlantic Hunters Cup, PKC, and Southwest Virginia Hills and Hounds. We have also sponsored over 100 events in the past year with independent hunt clubs, open houses, fundraisers, trade shows, etc. These events were mostly based around the hunting and working dog community. We wanted to give back to the community that shows us all of their support and is supportive of the youth hunts to encourage their participation in the sport. We also try to have our salesmen at our events to inform people about our products and the nutritional benefits of Joy Dog Food.

Although there may have been a few bumps in the road, 2022 has been quite an exciting year for us here at Joy Dog Food. It has been a year full of growth and new possibilities. We are eager to continue our growth into the new year and look forward to what 2023 has to bring as we kick it off with a BANG with the JOY SUPER HUNT in February!! Stay tuned for more information on that on the Fueled By Joy Working Dog Podcast every Tuesday morning; things are going to start heating up with that!

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