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Coyote Mating Season

Updated: May 14

Coyote mating season is upon us and it’s important for dog owners everywhere to be aware of this in order to keep their pets safe. Coyote mating season starts in mid-January and peaks in late February to early March. These own. Coyotes tend to be more aggressive this time of year. In the next several weeks, it’s important to be more mindful of your dog’s surroundings.

Many have encountered coyotes in rural areas, but they are also being spotted in suburban and urban areas as well. Here are some things you can do to keep your dogs and cats safe during this time.

Coyotes are very smart; if you live in the country and let your dog out every night at 9 pm, they will catch on to this and learn that routine. Instead, mix up the routine and go out with them.

Never Let Your Dog Out Alone

If you can, try to always be outside with your dog with a leash in hand if not already on them.

Secure Food Sources

Store garbage in wildlife-proof containers and feed pets indoors.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, or hunter and like to go on walks with your dog outside, it may be inevitable that you run into a coyote this winter. Here are some tips so you can avoid any conflict.

Keep them Close

We recommend keeping a lead on them or at least on hand during this time (even if they are trained to be off-lead) in case there’s an encounter with a coyote.

Loud Noise

We also recommend a whistle, horn, or another instrument of some sort that makes extremely loud noises.

Don’t Run

Do not run from the coyote. Make as much noise and be as big as you can. Do whatever you can to not be the prey. They will back away.

The most important takeaway from this article is to keep an extra close eye on your pets during the next several weeks while enjoying the outdoors and keeping any dog food and garbage locked up so coyotes are not attracted to any scents on your property.

Coyote Mating Season

coyote on trail cam

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