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Joy Dog Food; Family-Owned and Operated

Updated: May 14

Joy Dog Food has been a staple in the working dog community for over 75 years. What many do not realize is that Joy has also been a family owned and operated company all those years, regardless of the change of ownership. Joy Dog Food was bought by Wade Graskewicz back in 2011 and has flourished under the him and his son Skyler’s management. Continue reading for the full story of how Wade bought Joy Dog Food and how him and his son work together on expanding distribution throughout the United States. 

joy dog food family-owned

In 2011, Pro Pet, the company that had bought Joy Dog Food from the original owners, the Kohsers, noticed a trending dog food company that was making waves in the pet industry; and also producing formulas very similar to what they wanted for Joy Dog Food. That company was Hi-Standard Dog Food and was owned by Wade Graskewicz. 

Wade Graskewicz started his company Hi-Standard Dog Food back in 1998 and was making a huge footprint in the pet food industry. Pro Pet was never interested in growing Joy Dog Food, however they knew it had potential had it been bought by the right person; they believed that person would be Wade.  After about a year of negotiation, Wade and Pro Pet both came to the agreement that Wade would buy the company and not only maintain the tonnage and brand image- but grow them both. Once he acquired both companies, it gave his distribution a 90 percent reach into the U.S. as well as growing into the international markets.

With the help of his son, Skyler, the Graskewicz family have made Joy Dog Food a household name once again by sponsoring events, growing in distribution, and providing high quality dog food for everyone that wants to put a little JOY in their life.

Nothing brings Wade more joy than having his family by his side throughout all these years, helping him build Joy from the ground up. To this day, when 3 o’clock rolls around Wade’s grandchildren stumble through the doors and fill the busy office with laughter. The same way Skyler did when he was a kid running through the store years ago and Wade is reminded of the days when he had the hunting supply store and it was just him, Skyler and his mother Ruby. Wade and his family have formed a strong unit to help Joy Dog Food to continue to prosper and overcome obstacles in the everchanging pet food industry.

Joy Dog Food; Family-Owned and Operated since 1945; Traditions never die.

Graskewicz family Joy Dog Food

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