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Puppy Training 101: Tips to Train Your Gun Dog Puppy

Updated: May 14

Here is some advice from our experts that have bred and trained world-champion gun dogs. Keep reading to find out how you can raise your dog to be an obedient puppy and a world-class champion like some of these dogs!

What age should I start training my gun dog puppy?

"I start puppy training at 8 weeks old. I start out by getting them affiliated with my voice, scent, and presence. When I walk up to their kennel, I want them to be watching every move I make. When I walk away, I want them to continue to watch every move I make.”

– Mike Greene, Cottonville Road Kennels

boykin training

How should I train my puppy?

“When training any puppy keep it fun and positive. Don’t overdo it. Less is more. Stop with them wanting more, not because they quit”

– Marty Griner, Southern Brier Creek Kennels

beagle puppies

What dog food should I feed my gun dog puppy?

Start your puppy off on the right track, and feed them Joy Puppy Food 32/18. Joy Puppy Food provides them with a complete and balanced diet in the years when nutrition is a vital component of their training routine. They need fuel to burn, and Joy Puppy provides them with the essential nutrients and minerals to grow into a more trainable, smarter puppy. Joy Puppy Food is formulated with REAL Chicken as the FIRST INGREDIENT and 515 kcal/ cup. It also has DHA for brain development; Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for skin, eye, heart, and coat health; Glucosamine and Chondroitin for bone and joint health! Joy Puppy Food is now available in 5 lb bags! Ask your dealer to order today! Visit the Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you!

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