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Training a Gun Dog Puppy

Updated: May 14

So you got yourself a gun dog puppy to join your side and assist you while you hunt. Whether it’s to find, flush, or retrieve your bird; your dog may have been bred to do what they will assist you with, but they will need your guidance to do it properly. Here are some training basics that will help you bring up the best bird dog or retriever.

Get Then Used to Gunshots

Your dog is going to be very close contact with gunshots, so easing their ears to the sound of a gun going off while doing a training session is key to not spooking them. Whether you have someone else shoot a gun farther away so it’s not as loud, or you start with clapping, reward them as they progress to the louder noise. 

Obedience training

Starting your pup on basic obedience training and teaching them simple commands is the keystone all other training is built off of. If your dog will not sit or stay in the stand without distractions, then how will they be able to during an exciting duck hunt? Teaching them how to retrieve, locate, and flush using retrieving drills and quartering drills is a great way to sharpen their hunt skills, as well. 

Test Hunt Skills 

Doing field trials and hunt tests is a great way to not only test how well your gun dog is picking up on the skills you have taught them but how well you both work together as a team. 

Lastly, feeding your dog a great fuel energizing them all day long so they power through training sessions and are eager to get out and hunt. Joy High Energy 24/20 is the perfect fuel to keep your gun dog energized all day long so they are ready to get out and hunt birds/ retrieve ducks; or power through their hunt tests / field trials with flying colors. Click here to find a dealer near you today.

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