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When Should I Treat My Dog For Fleas and Ticks?

Updated: May 14

Fleas and ticks: Ahh, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the winter coats are tucked away in storage. Warmer weather is here and although this means we all can enjoy spending the days outside more often; it also means ticks and fleas are more active.

What risks do fleas and ticks have on dogs?

Fleas and ticks can transmit various diseases. Such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tapeworm, and ehrlichiosis. Ticks can also cause skin wounds on dogs that can also cause anemia.

Where to check your dog for ticks?

To best prevent your dog from getting sick from ticks, you should check them daily. You can commonly find ticks around the dog’s ears, their tail, around their eyelids, under the collar, between their legs and toes.

When Should I Treat My Dog For Fleas and Ticks?

Depending on where you live, how old your dog is, and even the breed; your treatment will vary on when you should treat your dog for fleas and ticks. Puppies, for instance, require special doses; or if you live in the southern part of the United States, you may need to get treatment more frequently. It’s always best to speak with your vet about what treatment works best for your dog. Treatment should be year-round for fleas and ticks.

When Should I Treat My Dog For Fleas and Ticks?

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